Happy New Years’ Everyone!

I suppose that if I were a truly accomplished blogger, I would have written this post last night!  But New Years' Day is surely just as special as New Years' Eve, don't you think? This past year has been such a blur of new experiences that last night, I actually had a hard time remembering … Continue reading Happy New Years’ Everyone!

A Hobbit’s Tale

Well, I'm back. I went on an adventure, and it was more wild and difficult and exciting and wonderful than I could have ever imagined!  My two friends (Margaret and her brother Galen) and I went to London, Scotland and Paris.  A total of two and half weeks of travel, adrenaline, fatigue, and enjoyment.  We … Continue reading A Hobbit’s Tale

A Lovely Thing

When you gain knowledge in one area, it almost always enriches other areas of your life. Recently, I've been thoroughly enjoying Eric Metaxas's Amazing Grace.  It's a fascinating biography (and I'm not one who tends to relish biographies) about the life of William Wilberforce and his role in abolishing the slave trade in the late … Continue reading A Lovely Thing