It’s (Not That) Complicated

Note from  September 2018: I no longer agree with or recommend this book, due to many shifts in my world view. About four years ago, I prayed earnestly for God to give me a clear sign about a young man.  Was he "The One", or wasn't he?  The answer I received was not at all … Continue reading It’s (Not That) Complicated

Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie Review

Sunday night, my dad, sister and I decided spur-of-the-moment to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness.  I have never been a Star Trek fan (I did watch several of the old series episodes just for Spock), and did not care at all for the 2009 movie Star Trek.  But I had a very strong motivation … Continue reading Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie Review


A few years ago, I saw a trailer for the movie Coraline.  The animation was in the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a style I dislike with a vengeance.  That 3 minute trailer filled me with enough disgust and loathing to last a lifetime, and for hours I felt as if something evil was … Continue reading Coraline