Why I Didn’t Watch War Room (And Why You Don’t Have To Either)

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but has anyone else ever gone to go see a Christian film in theaters simply because it was Christian?  Or overlooked its flaws, plot holes, bad writing, poor humor and stiff acting for the same reason?  Or recommended it to other Christians just because it's a … Continue reading Why I Didn’t Watch War Room (And Why You Don’t Have To Either)


In Defense of Love

  I recently attended a writing lecture hosted by a fairly successful author whose stories I have always strongly disliked.  I figured that if nothing else, I could at least gain a better understanding of why I disliked her books and writing style, and avoid them in my own writings.  When she opened the floor … Continue reading In Defense of Love

Writing a Feast

Our imaginations are like living organisms.  They require food.  Depending on what they are fed, they can be healthy, sleek and plump, or they can be racked with disease, emaciated, dying.  Books and stories are the food that our imaginations live on.  What we feed it affects our minds, our souls, and our lives.   No parent … Continue reading Writing a Feast