The Awesome Food Award

This tag couldn't have come at a more perfect time - I've recently become hooked on the most incredible cooking challenge series I've ever seen, The Great British Baking Show. Needless to say baking and food have been on my mind a lot lately!  In fact I even attempted my first ever tarts yesterday, inspired … Continue reading The Awesome Food Award

The Sunflower Blogger Tag

I was in the middle of writing an exceedingly dreary paper (and trying to make it as non-dreary as possible), when I saw that I was awarded The Sunflower Blogger Tag by Maribeth of Formidable Courage!  Maribeth, you could not have tagged me at a more perfect time.  My mind was almost shriveled to away … Continue reading The Sunflower Blogger Tag


I think it's high time that I explain the name of this blog, don't you? Why did I call it Hope Writer?  Why not "Dream Writer" or "Joy Writer"?  Why "Hope" specifically?  Is it anything more than a cute sounding title?  Did I choose it because it's something that invokes fuzzy feelings and puts a smile … Continue reading Hope-Writer