At the moment…

Married LifeI am blown away at all of the blessings of married life.  Staying up late reading together in bed to oldies on Pandora, making a huge mess in the kitchen as we prepare adventurous meals, impromptu waltzing in the living room when our favorite songs come on the radio, curling up on the couch with a … Continue reading At the moment…


The “Yes, I’m Still Alive!” and “Top Ten Film Characters Tag” Post

Hello everyone!!! Did you forget that I even had a blog? Or assume that I'd forgotten that I had a blog? Or that I had possibly died and left my blog forever? Never fear!  I have not forgotten about my blog and I am still very much alive.  One month and two days ago I married … Continue reading The “Yes, I’m Still Alive!” and “Top Ten Film Characters Tag” Post

Summer Pictures

Though it's rained almost constantly for the past couple of months, our family has had a fantastic summer!  Our grandparents are up to visit until September, and we've already made loads of memories.  I thought I'd share some photos of my favorite summer memories so far.