Well, Hi There!

Remember me?  🙂  My apologies for neglecting this blog for so long.  A lot has been going on in my life lately.  I had a little run-in with a friend while playing football, and have spent the last month recovering slowly from a concussion.  Then I had school to deal with - as of last Wednesday, … Continue reading Well, Hi There!


The Mini-Reviews Post

Forgive my blogging silence - life has been crazy this summer!  I'm just three tests away from being finished with college, one week away from a local-authors book festival, halfway through a very complicated quilt, one day away from a friend's wedding and I'm also getting back in the swing of my part-time job.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading The Mini-Reviews Post

10 Reasons Why Paper Books are Better Than E-Books

Before I start, let me say that I fully acknowledge and appreciate the convenience and portability that e-books offer.  They greatly facilitate the ability to read anywhere, anytime, since almost everyone nowadays has e-book capability on their smart phones.  Yet even though I have occasionally taken advantage of the nifty invention called e-books, I have … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Paper Books are Better Than E-Books