New Year, New Loves


I feel very guilty for having neglected this blog for so long!  Aside from being very busy with work and then very sick, I haven’t blogged in a while for several reasons:


  • My blog is almost exclusively writing- and reading-centered.  I have not written anything in quite a while and my reading has been mainly re-reads that I’ve already covered on this blog before.


  • Whereas I used to sit down and read for hours, this past year I have slowly become more and more passionate about knitting.  I still love books with all my heart – it’s just that I’m spending way more time knitting than reading lately.


  • I didn’t know how you readers would feel about me posting knit-related posts along with my more traditional book-related posts.


  • I had gone so long without posting anything that I felt like I would be rusty if I tried to start posting again.  I’m sure I am/will be rusty but if y’all are patient with me I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things.


  • On a more philosophical note, I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve wondered lately what the point of blogging is.  Obviously people love to read blogs.  I love to read blogs.  But blogging for myself suddenly seemed…I don’t know…selfish?  Like what’s the point of writing a bunch of words about what I think about movies and books or what I’m up to at the moment?  I’m not on Facebook because I always thought it would be silly to update people all the time about what I’m doing, where I’ve been, what I’m enjoying at the moment.  But I realized that blogging is very similar in a lot of cases – it’s usually more lengthy and carefully thought out, and has some pictures for embellishment, but it’s still just me writing about things that I think or things that I enjoy or things that I am doing.  The idea of blogging has felt selfish lately, but I think I had it all wrong – it’s not about selfishness, it’s about inspiration.  More on that at the end of this post.


So there you have it.  This is why I have neglected to post anything for such a long time.  And I didn’t really want to admit all of these things to y’all because it might sound, I don’t know, unprofessional?  But to heck with professionalism.  This is a blog for Pete’s sake!  No one is grading or judging this blog, or will fire me if I post something they don’t like.  Maybe that’s been at the root of my blogging-block lately – maybe I’ve taken it too seriously and just need to lighten up with it.


Yes, I am a writer, but that doesn’t mean that all of my posts have to be painstakingly thought out and gone over with a fine-tooth comb before posting them.  Yes, I am an avid reader, but it’s okay if I post about other things than books once in a while.  Yes, I want to be taken seriously as a blogger and a writer, but it’s okay to admit sometimes that I’m not in the middle of writing a novel that’s going to change the world, or that I haven’t had any revelations about the nature of stories, or that I haven’t read anything new in a while.

It’s okay to admit that I’ve been just sitting by the fire, watching the snow, and knitting.

It’s nothing mind-blowing, it’s nothing philosophical, it’s nothing terribly exciting (unless you’re a fellow knitter, in which case just the idea of yarn and knitting needles makes your heart beat faster).  But it’s what I’ve been loving lately.  And I mean loving.  And that’s what this blog is about, right?  Sharing new ideas, new books, new thoughts and sometimes new loves and interests with all of you.  That’s what most blogs are all about.


It’s not selfish or narcissistic (although it can be if gone about the wrong way) for a blogger (or Facebooker) to write about what she’s been interested in lately and put it out there for the world to read.  Because it’s not necessarily about the blogger – it’s about her passions, loves and interests.  And other people read blogs because they share the same loves and want to be inspired.  The very word inspired comes from the French word inspirer, which means to breath in.  “Inspiration” is a buzz-word that’s thrown around all over the place nowadays until it’s easy to forget what it actually means.  It means breathing something in. Drinking it in.  Breathing life into something that was getting tired or run down.  Blogging is one way that people inspire each other, breath new life into old pursuits and passions, and maybe even spark an interest that was never there before.

So hi guys, I’m back.  I’m not going to let the pressure of blogging perfectly or professionally keep me from just writing about what I’m actually doing.  I’m not going to let the dread of seeming narcissistic keep me from helping breathe life into your day, into your reading, your movie watching or knitting.  I’ll just share what I’m loving, even if they’re new loves that I’ve never shared on this blog and don’t even know how to.  (How does one post about knitting?  The Yarn Harlot certainly manages to do so brilliantly.)  But I’ll learn, and I’ll not worry about it if I do so clumsily at first.


And have no fear – I shall still write many a post about stories, too. 🙂

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Loves

  1. Nice blog. 🙂 You should have told about your awesome baby sweater!!!!! Or the adult sweater you just finished…that stuff is cool! And it IS all right if you write about whatever you want to…it is YOUR blog! 🙂 Have a fun evening! I love you!

    On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 2:04 PM, Hope Writer wrote:

    > hopewriter posted: ” I feel very guilty for having neglected this blog for > so long! Aside from being very busy with work and then very sick, I > haven’t blogged in a while for several reasons: My blog is almost > exclusively writing- and reading-centered. I have not” >

  2. I have missed your posts! I love hearing about your new life, new loves. I just love to read what you write. Please don’t stop!

  3. Victoria, that was wonderful. Thank you or sharing. I’ve been thinking a lot about things like this (about whether blogging or talking about your own life is selfish and just things of that sort), so thank you for breathing life into this for me. ❤
    ~Kiera M

  4. Victoria, I’ve loved reading your blog ever since I discovered it. You are so inspiring! I love what you said about breathing life into things. Keep on blogging, and keep on knitting!!

    P. S. That sweater was beautiful! Was it for a baby or an adult? I would love to see the pattern!

    ~Lizzie White

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