The Awesome Food Award

This tag couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – I’ve recently become hooked on the most incredible cooking challenge series I’ve ever seen, The Great British Baking Show.


Needless to say baking and food have been on my mind a lot lately!  In fact I even attempted my first ever tarts yesterday, inspired by the baking show.  They turned out splendidly!  I used cassava flour instead of wheat flour and the results (if I may say so) were delicious.




Since I’m allergic to gluten and dairy and also have to avoid all grains whenever possible, baking gets a bit more complicated than it used to in those blissful days when I could eat anything I put my mouth to.  But I still find all sorts of ways to enjoy good cooking and baking and hope to stretch myself even further in the future (gluten free doughnuts are on the horizons at some point).  Thanks, Heidi, for tagging me!

1. Your thoughts on cheese?  Even though I can’t eat many cheeses, I can enjoy as much aged cheese (which doesn’t contain the dairy protein casein) as I want!  I’m enjoying a block of aged white cheddar right now that’s sharp and nutty and a bit salty.  It makes killer Philly cheese-steaks and enchiladas, and is delicious to snack on by itself.
2. Favorite pizza?  I love the wood-fired, gluten-free pizzas from a local pizzeria called Farm to Flame.  There are so many delicious toppings that I almost don’t miss the cheese!
3. Have you always had a “traditional” dinner (i.e. turkey and all the fixings) on Thanksgiving?  Pretty much!  Turkey and ham, cornbread dressing, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and buttery yeast rolls are all “musts”.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year!
4. Favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare?  Probably the yeast rolls – I usually make a double batch of Williams-Sonoma’s Classic Dinner Rolls recipe.  It always makes a ridiculous amount of rolls that are just to die for and are so ridiculously fluffy and rich!
5. Your favorite breakfast? If I’m completely honest, my favorite breakfast is peanut butter and chocolate.  And shocking though it may seem, I do eat it for breakfast at least once a week. 🙂
6. Favorite kind of bread (i.e. whole wheat, French, sourdough, cinnamon-raisin, etc.)  When I could eat regular bread, my all-time favorite was white, crusty, floury, yeasty French bread.  The possibilities are endless with just one loaf of French bread – eat it plain, with butter and honey, made into a sandwich, served with a big plate of spaghetti…
7. Favorite vegetable?  Lettuce!  Without which I couldn’t make all the delicious salads that comprise many, many of my meals.
8. Do you like sweet or sour?  How about both?  I’m thinking lemonade, sour jelly beans, clementine-flavored Izze drinks, granny smith apples…
but if forced to choose then I’d of course have to go with sweet.
9. Most unusual/unexpected ethnic dish you’ve ever had?  Hmm…the problem is that, even though I’ve been all over the world I’m kind of timid when it comes to trying truly unusual dishes.  I had duck in China, calamari in Louisiana and (probably the most unexpected dish to date) something called “brown pickle” in England.  I really tried to enjoy it, but just couldn’t get past the strange flavor.
10. Hamburgers or hotdogs?  That is a constant source of indecision for me.  Almost every week this summer when Galen and I visited his family’s farm, his parents grilled out.  I was always faced between that very question, and usually went for a bit of a cheating compromise.  I almost always go with hamburgers but then sneak back to the kitchen (or to my husband’s plate) for just a bit of hot dog afterward.  🙂

3 thoughts on “The Awesome Food Award

  1. Here I am! And I loved your answers…. First off, those tarts looked absolutely amazing (and they’re gluten free?!?) Wow, I’m impressed. We eat quite a bit of dairy, but we go back and forth with the gluten (i.e. we try to limit it, but no one here has violent sensitivities). My sister Eowyn is pretty expert with the non-gluten recipes, but about a month before my trip, I tried making all-coconut-flour pizza dough and… it was a spectacular disaster. The family tends to try all sorts of things, but that… well, I think I’ll end up sticking with spelt when it comes to pizza for a while till that dinner fades into dark memory. 🙂

    And speaking of pizza, I was smiling, because when we came out for your wedding I think we had local pizza both nights and thoroughly enjoyed it — but we didn’t run across Farm to Flame. I love those sorts of places, so if/when I’m ever able to come again we’ll have to go together. 😉 It sounds wonderful!!

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