The “Yes, I’m Still Alive!” and “Top Ten Film Characters Tag” Post

Hello everyone!!!

Did you forget that I even had a blog?

Or assume that I’d forgotten that I had a blog?

Or that I had possibly died and left my blog forever?

Never fear!  I have not forgotten about my blog and I am still very much alive.  One month and two days ago I married my best friend and we have been having the time of our lives adjusting to this grand new adventure called marriage.  Hence the complete and total absence of any blog posts for the last five months.  From December 24th onward my life has been packed with wedding plans, a new job, house hunting, car searching, dinner dates, prayer, invitation-writing, decision-making and more gifts than I can count (both emotional/spiritual as well as physical gifts like pots and pans, quilts and frames).

And then of course there was the wedding itself!

IMG_4369 IMG_3813 IMG_3734 IMG_5249

I have never been happier in my entire life!

I also have never been busier (balancing a full time job and housework), so I’m sorry that I have completely neglected Hope Writer Blog for so long.  I can’t promise when I’ll have time to post again, but I’m going to try to do at least some short-and-sweet posts just to keep things going on my site.  My good friend and fellow blogger Heidi (whom I got to meet in person for the first time at my wedding!!) has tagged me in a “Ten Favorite Film Characters” post on her blog, and I just couldn’t pass it up.  I’m all about lists, all about favorites, and all about film characters.

But with so many awesome movie characters in the world it’s SO hard to choose!  I did my best, though, to narrow them down for this post.  (Disclaimer – Please keep in mind that just because I love these characters and movies does not mean that I recommend them unreservedly to everyone.  There are parts I skip or things I disagree with in all these films, so take everything with a grain of salt and remember that opinions vary in movie-watching and story-loving, as with anything else in life.)  So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my answers!

Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings


I could list dozens of awesome characters from this trilogy, but in the movies at least, Aragorn takes the cake.  He is  kingliness (and epicness) embodied.


Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


Robert Downey Jr. is the actor who introduced me to the whole Sherlock world, got me obsessed with the character and stories, and who will always be Holmes to me.  He’s so brilliant and quirky, just the way that Holmes is in the books.


Tony Stark from Iron Man


I’m hesitant to include Stark because he’s now become such a fan-crazed Marvel icon, which in my opinion kind of waters down his original character.  The plethora of new Marvel movies that have come out are great fun and I’ve enjoyed almost all of them.  I love getting to see Stark in any new movie that comes out, but it seems like Tony’s original character, complexity and depth get a bit shallower with each new film he’s in.  So when I say that he’s one of my top ten favorites, I mean that Tony Stark from the original Iron Man movie is my favorite.  It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, precisely because Stark’s character (and Downey’s portrayal of him) is so rich, funny, moving and powerful.

Grace from Return to Me


Return to Me is one of my long-time favorite movies – it has the perfect blend of humor and sadness, drama and light-heartedness.  It’s perfectly acted – it’s one of those movies that doesn’t even feel like a movie because everyone is so natural!  Grace is such a wonderful character.  She’s such a genuine, kind, lovely person.  I love how feminine she is (for years I’ve been drawn to clothes that remind me of Grace’s style) and how normal she is.  All of the times she puts her foot in her mouth or does something awkward makes me laugh so much because I do similar things all the time; I can see myself in her in many ways.


Walter from Second Hand Lions


Walter is so cute, and innocent, and tragic all at the same time in this story.  I love how he blossoms from being an uptight, nervous wreck to being a confident young man.  And all because of those two awesome, crazy old uncles. 🙂  (While I’m on the subject, I’ve got to mention one of my other favorite characters that Haley Joel Osment plays: Cole Sear from The Sixth Sense.


He is such a crazy-good actor in that one!  I love Michael Caine and all, but Osment totally should have gotten the Academy Award that year instead of Caine.  Just saying.)


Sam Hall from The Day After Tomorrow


The Day After Tomorrow is one of my favorite movies.  It’s so brilliantly acted, well-crafted and intense.  Sam is a great character because he’s one of those heroes who has “greatness thrust upon him”.  He’s a normal high-schooler who happens to be put into a situation where his leadership could mean life or death to those around him, and he rises to the occasion beautifully.

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


OK, I know I’ll probably get some raised eyebrows for this one.  Jack is one of those characters who started off as a fascinating, stunningly original, unique character, but whose popularity led to his own downfall as a character.  He’s such a classic movie character now that he’s become terribly cliched and (to be honest) quite cheesy just a few short years after his origination.  But, setting all that aside, as the original character in the original film he is nothing short of amazing.  I love that even though I’ve seen Curse of the Black Pearl over and over again, his complexity still defies my ability to pin him down.  He’s a pirate, but he’s also a good man and a hero.  He’s a genius, but he’s also crazy.   Most fascinating of all to me is that he cannot be fazed by anything.  He’s very cool under pressure and witty to boot.


Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series


Yet another character on my favorites list who has been watered down and cliched within a few short years of his introduction to the world!  But regardless of how much annoyance or childishness has been attached to Potter thanks to super-fans and hype, I absolutely love Harry as a character.  Of course he’s so much deeper in the books, but Dan Radcliffe did a great job portraying him in the films.  Harry is very relatable, very flawed, very human, and yet he’s incredibly heroic.  He embodies true heroism by the end of the series – doing what is right despite fear, opposition and overwhelming odds.


Flynn Rider from Tangled


Enough said.


Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman


Sadly, there are precious few female characters that I love in films.  They usually fall to one of two extremes – frilly and faint, or feministic and hard.  Snow White is one of those rare women in film who is the perfect balance between the two extremes.  She is refreshingly pure and innocent, full of compassion and a love of beauty and goodness.  But when the time comes for her to fight, lead and even kill, she does so fearlessly and nobly.  I love that she feels a Christlike mercy and pity for her most horrific enemies; it’s so rare and beautiful to see that in a movie.

And last but not least, I have to throw in one extra, eleventh character as a bonus.  Walter Mitty.


I don’t even have words to describe how unique and wonderful and funny he is.  Even though The Secret Life of Walter Mitty isn’t filled with action and battles and bad guys, Walter still undergoes a gradual transformation from careful and timid to fearless and confident throughout the film.

Thanks so much for tagging me Heidi!!

If you’re reading this, and you’re a blogger, then “tag, you’re it!”  Consider yourself tagged. 🙂  If you do a post with your own answers, please let me know in the comments area – I’d love to read your post!

12 thoughts on “The “Yes, I’m Still Alive!” and “Top Ten Film Characters Tag” Post

  1. Good to hear from you again, Victoria! It was really neat to hear about the different film characters you liked. You’re right, Aragorn is wonderful! My sister is always asking me “Who is your favorite person in the Fellowship?” My answer is always, “Gandalf, Aragorn and Sam.” 🙂

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂 Oh yes, Aragorn is amazing. I thought about Gandalf, as well, when I was writing this post! There are so many good Lord of the Rings characters that I could have filled at least half of the “top ten favorites” slots with them. I thought about adding Pippin in my post as well, since he’s another one of my favorites, but decided to just go with Aragorn for this particular post. But I also love Eomer….and Boromir….and Frodo….and Legolas….and Merry… 😉

    • 🙂 Yes, I totally agree! How on earth did Tolkien do it?!? 🙂
      Also, Victoria, have you ever read the Baker Family Adventures? They seem like books that you would like, and the girl who writes them reminds me a lot of you! They are very exciting adventures about a family, and they have great characters.
      I hope you and Galen are doing very well!

      • I’ve never heard of the Baker Family Adventures, but it sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

        Thank you, Elizabeth, you’re so sweet! Yes, we’re having a blast being married!! 🙂

  3. Welcome back to the writing world, Victoria! I hope you and Galen are as happy on your Golden Anniversary as you are now. It can be done! And between now and then, you’ll have lots of things to blog about, or if you ever go formal, about which to blog. Love you!

    • Thank you Uncle Larry! I’m so sorry y’all weren’t able to make it for the wedding, but I hope you and Aunt Dorothy are doing well and that your foot is on the mend. Thank you for the encouragement! Oh yes, we very much plan on being even happier fifty years down the road than we are now! Which seems impossible, but like you said, we know it can be done. 🙂 Love you too!

  4. (Eieee….computer adventures today. ;P) But yay, I was //so// thrilled when your post popped up!! And a lovely “first”, too, dear friend. Those wedding pictures….so gorgeous and romantic!

    And FLYNN!!!!!!! (But you know all that. We’ve been there before. 😉 ) I’d really like to see Snow White and the Huntsman, too, and The Day After Tomorrow looks intriguing. Do either of those have “skippable” parts?

    • Oh, I had a blast doing this post! Thanks so much for tagging me! It was just what I needed to kick-start me blogging again after months of neglect. 🙂

      About the movies, Snow White and the Huntsman is a very good, but very dark movie with lots of violence, some crudeness (from the dwarves) and (with the witch queen) a few bad scenes and lots of crazy-revealing outfits. I look down on some of the darkest parts and the bad scenes because I know when they’re coming. That being said, in my opinion the darkness of Snow White’s world and past make her heroism shine all the brighter, and makes the goodness and beauty of the film all the more powerful! It’s definitely one to research first, though, if you’re concerned about questionable content.

      The Day After Tomorrow is one I’ve only ever watched on my family’s Clear Play DVD filter, so I’m not sure exactly how much stuff is cut out. From what I can gather, there’s only one sketchy scene with a random couple (who they never show again), some language (but not loads) and just the sheer intensity of the whole world trying to survive against the crazy weather and storms that hit. It’s such a good movie, with such good characters!!! Most definitely one to watch if you can find where to skip/mute.

      And last but not least, Return to Me! Out of all three movies you mentioned, I think you would love Return to Me the most. It’s an absolutely wonderful, sweet, touching, lovely story. The only concerns in that movie are a couple of off-color remarks that can be muted, a scene with a woman in the bathtub (and not enough bubbles) and the four crazy old men (who are truly the best part of the story) who are hilarious and endearing, but curse a lot. But all of the characters are so kind and deeply good – if you can mute the language (or forgive it), this is an excellent story! 🙂

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