The Sunshine Award #2 – At Long Last

Heidi of Along the Brandywine tagged me with this sweet little tag ages ago.  I feel bad about taking this long to post it, but better late than never, right?  Sorry, Heidi.  😉  These questions are just plain fun, and I’ve had a great time answering them.  Everyone, consider yourselves henceforth tagged!


1. If you could time travel, would you rather visit medieval England or 1800’s Paris?
A choice between England and Paris is just cruel!  I love England with a passion, and love Paris only slightly less.  But when I take the eras into consideration, I think I’d have to go with 1800’s Paris.  The 1800’s is one of my favorite eras in all history.  Just think – I might get to run into Jules Verne in the street!
2. For relaxation: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, or neither?
Well, usually I’d say C.S. Lewis.  Reason #1) He’s one of my top favorite authors of all time.  Reason #2) I will go ahead and confess that I have a hard time understanding G.K. Chesterton sometimes.  He’s an absolute genius, and I’m not.  Therefore I feel like every other sentence just goes whooshing over my head.  However, I have been picking up Chesterton a lot lately, and have found a great deal of relaxation and enjoyment from him!  I bought a cute, musty little copy of Chesterton’s essays in Oxford (copyright 1930!) and have been working my way through it.  There are SO many great essays in there, but my favorite by far is “The Romantic in the Rain”.  The opening paragraph is just brilliant:
       The middle classes of modern England are quite fanatically fond of washing; and are often enthusiastic for teetotalism. I cannot therefore comprehend why it is that they exhibit a mysterious dislike of rain. Rain, that inspiring and delightful thing, surely combines the qualities of these two ideals with quite a curious perfection. … The scheme of rain in itself is one of an enormous purification. It realises the dream of some insane hygienist: it scrubs the sky. Its giant brooms and mops seem to reach the starry rafters and Starless corners of the cosmos; it is a cosmic spring cleaning.
3. Do you enjoy pie baking? Do you have a favorite kind (apple, cherry, etc.)?
I have baked lamentably few pies in my lifetime.  I want to remedy that evil; I just never seem to take the time to actually do it.  My sisters are incredible pie bakers, though!  They recently made the absolute best apple pie I have ever tasted in my life.  They could seriously start a pie business with just that one recipe; they’d be millionaires by the time they turned twenty.
4. A particular way God has blessed you in the past week?
I was blessed this past Sunday to spend an hour with one of the sweetest, most loving people in the world.  She’s sort of the universal “grandmother” at our church.  Every word out of her mouth is either a prayer or a declaration of gratitude.  “I’m so blessed!” is her favorite phrase, and she means it with all her heart.  I held her hand and talked to her for a long time, and when sleep overcame her at last, she fell asleep whispering, “I love you!” to me every so often.  I can never visit her without being reminded of how good it is when we thank the Lord continually, and when we absolutely shower love onto those around us.  I hope that I’m half as wonderful as she is when I’m her age.
5. Something summery and wonderful (i.e. something you did or are planning to do, something you learned, somewhere you’re planning to or have traveled)?
I neglected writing this post for so long that I must change the word “summery” to “fallish”!  I love everything about fall.  I love hiking.  I love getting out all of my boots, scarves and sweaters and wearing them as much as possible.  I love seeing frost covering the hills and hay bales.  I love curling up by the fire and knitting, reading or listening to an audio book with my family.  We’ve already enjoyed our annual church expedition to the local corn maze, our first snow, and a ridiculous amount of baking.  But as everyone knows, the climax of fall is Thanksgiving, and it’s only a few weeks away.  I can hardly wait!

9 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award #2 – At Long Last

  1. I know this is not about your post, Victoria, but I wanted to tell you that I loved The Princess and the Prince! I read it the first day I got it, and then, a few days later, I lent it to my friend Lorien Cockman, and she read it that day too! You are a very good writer, and the book was great once I realized it was not historical fiction! 🙂 I started into it thinking “historical fiction” and was bewildered by the glass slipper and numerous other details. Then I suddenly realized it was a fairy tale, but a very real one at that, and it was the best fairy tale I have ever read!! Your characters seemed real, and I loved the subtle references to the Cinderella story! The story just teetered on the brink between something that could happen, and something that couldn’t! The plot was very exciting, flowed well, and had me hooked.

    Overall, it was an enjoyable story, and I can’t wait for your next one!


    Elizabeth White

    (P.S. I noticed a small grammatical error on one page, just a comma missing)

    • Yay! I’m so happy that you enjoyed P&P!! That means so much to me to hear your thoughts. I know that you’re very well read, so I’m glad that my story passed your standards. 🙂 Thank you so much for letting me know, Elizabeth! You’re so encouraging!

  2. In praise of “The Sunshine Award”, I would like to say what a delightful idea; to select people you would like to know more about and to pose such pleasant and thoughtful questions to elicit their thoughts and motivate them to write and share them with us! And in the case of this particular “taggee”, it is also a delight to see a window opened into her interior, where the sunshine and freshness can pour out! I really enjoyed reading these questions and their answers, as I did the first time around. Both of you keep up the good work! Elaine

  3. That excerpt from Chesterton’s essay on rain is really delightful. Chesterton’s that one author whom I keep saying I’m going to read, but somehow I never do. It’s a shame, really. 😦

    I love fall too! But I live in Louisiana, so I suppose that’s because fall is the only season that’s not too hot and not too cold. 🙂

    • I’m enjoying “What I Saw in America” by G.K. Chesterton right now, and it’s so good! You might want to try that one for starters.

      I lived in Louisiana all growing up, and I know exactly what you mean – fall is the one chance for Louisianians to get a breather from intense heat and intense cold! I always relished those few weeks of “golden” weather before the cold set in. 🙂

  4. Yay!! Thank you and I absolutely love your answers, Victoria! 🙂 I’m sorry about the England/Paris question…(it was so delightful to come up with, though. 😉 ) And I love the Chesterton quote! I agree, sometimes he goes whirling in the clouds a bit, but he almost never fails to make me smile with happiness. And fall… It feels like this year I’ve truly started realizing just how gorgeously wonderful it is. Isn’t it incredible Thanksgiving is already under a month away? (Btw, after the whole busy Emma week, I’m just now in the process of going through/catching up on my email, etc.–so be expecting something in your inbox very shortly. ;))

    with love,

    • Thanks for still being excited about this post after all of these months of waiting! Yes, I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. I can’t wait! And I’ll be looking for that email very soon. 🙂 Oh! And I’m well into Emma right now and enjoying it immensely – thanks for all the posts that inspired me to start it!

    • Thanks for still being excited about this post after all of these months of waiting! Yes, I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. I can’t wait! And I’ll be looking for that email very soon. 🙂 Oh! And I’m well into Emma right now and enjoying it immensely – thanks for all the posts that inspired me to start it!

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