Just Say “Thanks”


I just got back from vacation.  It was a whirlwind in every sense of the word.  We were going full-speed from dawn till dark every day, trying to pack in as many things as we could into seven short days.  Even though the entire vacation was designed for pure fun and relaxation, I actually had a very difficult time enjoying myself.  Lots of factors went into that, but one factor got me out of it.  My best friend (who also happens to be my boyfriend) and I were texting one day and my non-enjoyment of the trip came up.  I asked him if he had any advice for how I could get out of my funk.  He texted back some of the best advice I’ve ever received.  It was nothing “new” or revolutionary, but it was plain and simple truth.  It turned my trip around and is still impacting the way I live now that I’m back home.  It was such good advice, in fact, that I thought I’d share it with all of you, along with some pictures of my vacation:


I think a good starting point would be to be thankful throughout the day.  Thanking the Lord for every little thing that comes your way.  I’ve found this to be very helpful in my own walk and even helps with my demeanor.  It helps me to be more aware of His presence.  When you’re on a vacation it’s typically a very good thing. Lots of nice things come along:

…eating out…




…spending time with family…





…that really good piece of candy you had earlier…



…the sun reflecting off of the water…






…a peculiar and wonderfully shaped cloud…





…riding crazy rides…






…seeing people you love have fun…





…a smile.






All of which you could be thankful for, to remind you whom you serve.  Is that helpful?

Needless to say, the reminder to just say “thanks” to the Lord for everything turned my frown upside down.  As soon as I started being grateful for everything, I realized how ridiculous it was to not enjoy myself!  There were literally countless things to be thankful for on my vacation, but it shouldn’t stop there.  Gratitude makes everyday life and tasks beautiful as well.  Even that is something to be thankful for.


“Rejoice always,

pray continually,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


3 thoughts on “Just Say “Thanks”

  1. Its sounds like you have a very caring and wise boyfriend, Victoria! I’m glad you and your family had a great trip!

    Love to all of you, Aunt Dorothy

  2. What a difference a grateful heart makes! Remembering that our Creator is the owner and provider of all things and all creatures is the perfect way to see things more clearly.

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a true friend to encourage you and remind you of the things that are important?

    I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation and your time with your family. We should always enjoy the moment and make the most of it, remembering that God will use all things for our good.

    I love you and miss you. MeMe

  3. Wonderful reminder for everyone. I agree with your Aunt Dorothy, very wise indeed! I look forward to meeting him someday. Love you all, Aunt Lollie

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