A Literary Birthday Party

Recently, I had a birthday, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of fabulous!  Any day that combines books, the color blue, beautiful weather, a Benedict Cumberbatch movie, dear friends and church football is bound to be fantastic.  Add birthday cake and candles into the mix, and it’s just about perfect.

If I chronicled all of the awesomeness that happened on my birthday, we’d be here all day.  So I’ll try to restrain myself and just share some pictures and a paragraph or two about the day.

First off, my birthday included the color blue!!  I’m a sucker for light teal-ish blue.  When I walked into Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago and found an entire aisle filled with teal party supplies, I was a goner.  No matter that everything was under 99 cents, and therefore quite flimsy and cheap.  It was blue, and it was coming home with me.  In consequence, everything else turned out to be blue as well: cake and cupcakes included.

DSCN9056 DSCN9060 DSCN9066 DSCN9070

In addition to a blue-themed party, I (naturally) chose to decorate with books, quotes and various other literary stuff.  In lieu of plain place cards, I made each person a book mark featuring a quote from their favorite book.  (The party guest list consisted of one other family – some of the best people on earth.  They’re the friends who joined me on the Epic Europe Trip.)  Since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we prepared everything for the party ahead of time.  When Sunday morning came, we were all able to go to church and enjoy ourselves, unconcerned about preparations.  These are some of the pictures that I took Saturday night:

DSCN9074 DSCN9077 DSCN9080 DSCN9084 DSCN9088 DSCN9092



After baking, cleaning and decorating from dawn to dusk, I slept very soundly Saturday night.  Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful.  We managed to pack in some present-opening in between getting dressed for church.  I received Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Emma soundtrack by Samuel Sim, the Harry Potter books, and (the biggest surprise) an African market basket that I’ve been wanting for ages!

When it came to getting ready for church, I let my sister give my hair a makeover.  She is quite the hair-stylist.  After poring over blogs and YouTube videos for hours, she’ll grab a brush and start to work on my hair.  She always comes up with amazing designs.  This is the style I wore to church.




After an awesome church service and an amazing time of conversation, encouragement and laughter with friends over lunch, everyone 25 and under met outside to play football.  As always, after-church football is such fun.  We never keep score, never worry too much about rules, and always enjoy ourselves.



We finally left church and headed home for my birthday celebration.  We played Taboo, ate cake and ice cream, reminisced about Europe, and went on a walk around the neighborhood (below).  I also got to open my presents, which was just lovely.  When all was said and done, I had received a total of ten books for my birthday, as well as a significant amount of chocolate.  Some of the books are quite large, and my shelves are maxed out; I’m going to have fun doing some re-arranging with my bookshelves.  (And I might even snack on some of the chocolate while I’m at it!)



After dinner (which was extremely lively and filled with laughter), we “older kids” watched Star Trek: Into Darkness.  It was my third time to see it, and my friends’ first time.  Everyone loved it, of course (my friends are big Cumberbatch fans as well).  When the credits rolled, it was after ten o’clock and time to say goodbye.  I hated for the day to end, but I was so thankful for the all of the laughter and memories we had shared together.

I can’t remember the last time I was blessed with a day simply stuffed to the brim with delight!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord for all of the blessings that He has put into my life.  On my birthday I was able to enjoy so many blessings at once: friends, family, books, chocolate and the color blue.  Who could ask for more?




15 thoughts on “A Literary Birthday Party

  1. Happy belated birthday, Victoria! As usual, it has been a joy to read your blog and I am delighted by your delight! God bless you, girl!

  2. Hello, Victoria! Reading this wonderful blog and seeing the pictures was just like being there! (well, almost.) Thank you so much for sharing it with us, and for making it so real with the written word and photos. We’d really love to have been there for it, but you didn’t have an ounce of space for anything else at all, and your day could not have been more perfect, so we’ll just plan to have some good “Victoria time” with you when we do come. It just made me realize how really great your family is at doing celebrations, and we would like to plan to be there for the next one, London’s! Today is my first day to really feel good since coming down with a sinus problem t weeks ago. So sorry I did not get your birthday card to you on time, but I’ll do that this week. Hope the books from us were among those you counted up in your bounty – Grandpa ordered them for you. I’ll try to send y’all some pictures this week, and a longer letter. Feel the need for a good visit with y’all. Lots of love, Grandma

    • Hey Grandma! Yes, my birthday was truly, truly splendid! I wish that y’all could have been there to share it with us – you and Grandpa would have loved it. It would be fantastic if y’all made it up here for London’s birthday! No problem about the birthday card, Grandma, really. I’ll be happy to get it whenever it comes in! And yes, the books y’all gave me definitely made it into the wonderfully huge stack of books that I received! I love them! I just started on the HP series yesterday and am loving it all over again. 🙂 Thank you for the chat! Love, Victoria

  3. So wonderful to have you back!!! 🙂 Did you have a good trip?

    And happy, happy birthday!!! It looks like you had a splendid day… Your place markers were simply amazing! And blue is my favorite color, too! 🙂 It’s just so satisfying, isn’t it? My absolute favorites, though are French blue and turquoise.

    Well, it’s getting late, so I’d best sign off…but happy birthday again and–if you don’t mind–I’m sending you a virtual birthday hug. 🙂 Seeing all those pictures has made me wish I could give you one in person. 😉


    • Hi Heidi! I’m glad to be back, too! 😀 It was a really good trip, but when it’s all said and done, there’s just no place like home.

      Thank you so much! Oh, blue is undoubtedly the best, most satisfying color. I totally agree about turquoise – it’s just amazing!

      Of course I don’t mind a virtual hug! 😀 But like you said, I’d much rather an in-person one. Maybe one day we can get together and actually talk together face-to-face! It’s been such fun getting to know you! It’s so funny, though, to think that we don’t even know what each other looks like! 😀

      • It is tremendously funny… At the moment I’m just not super comfortable putting up pictures of myself/family online, so it makes it a little tricky. 😛 But in person! Lord willing, if that ever worked out someday–it would be utterly thrilling! 🙂

        • Oh, I’m exactly the same way. I just am not down with letting all the world know what I look like, where I live, etc. But an in-person visit would be awesome! And as for the book question, I am initially just going to be printing it. People can buy it online, of course, but I only plan on doing paperback/hardback versions. I’ll only do an online version if forced. I’m a big believer in paper-and-ink books! 😀

          • Yes, someday an in-person visit would be simply amazing!! We’ll have to keep that idea tossing around. 😉 And oh, I’m quite the same. I read things online/on the computer when absolutely necessary, but otherwise…real, solid, tangible, feel-able, smell-able books! Besides, what is a house (what is a room?) without full bookshelves??? 🙂

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