Noah, Knitting and Nickleby

Short Review: Do. Not. Watch. This. Movie.  If you want the long review (don’t worry, I’ll confine it to one paragraph) keep reading.  I’ll be including spoilers.


In short, Noah started out as an interesting, fantasy-ish version of the Bible story.  I was OK with the magic rock giants, the evolutionist version of creation, and the weird, wizardish Methuselah.  I knew that this story would be a very dramatized version of Noah and the ark.  But I very quickly realized that it was more like a horror film.  Overnight, Noah turned from being a wise, loving father, to a murderous, psychotic, women-and-children-killing maniac who was convinced that God wanted him to kill all mankind (including his family) and start over with an animal-only world (which, as the movie clearly shows, would be very much preferable).  God was virtually non-existent in this story, leaving Noah to figure everything out on his own (aided by drug-induced trances in which he saw visions of the ark).  The only thing that kept me from walking out was the hope that maybe the story would turn around and get better.  At the very, very end (literally the last three to four minutes of the film) Noah regains his sanity and his family can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  But long story short, it was so not worth watching to see that last three minutes.  I keep wishing that I could get those six dollars and two hours of my life back, as well as erase all of those disturbing images from my mind.  To be fair, there were three good parts of the show: the costumes and scenery were beautiful, Noah’s wife was a wonderful character, and Emma Watson was an incredible actress.  (And Logan Lerman was, as always, one handsome guy, but I guess that’s beside the point. ;))  Sorry for such a depressing review – I wouldn’t have posted this at all if I didn’t think that I might be able to save at least some of you time and money by not going to see it.

See?  One paragraph as promised.  Albeit a long paragraph…but anyway, on to happier subjects!  Like sock knitting!


Inspired by Kristin of the awesome blog, Sew Technicolor, I have picked up my sock knitting for the first time in weeks.  I actually finished my very first pair of socks (cue the Hallelujah chorus!), ordered some more yarn from, and am almost done with the first in a pair of beautiful, striped green socks.


Sock knitting is SO much fun!!  I’m already planning out my next pair of socks: Neville’s Socks pattern from Ravelry.  My sister has caught the sock-knitting fever as well, and is steadily working away on her first pair as we speak.


Beautiful blue yarn to use for Neville’s Socks

Also, I’ve recently started working on a quilt for my bed.  But not just any old quilt – in my more loquacious moments, I like to call it “Paris Promenade” because one of the fabrics is a vintage-looking map of Paris.

DSCN7614 DSCN7575 DSCN7589 DSCN7573

How amazing is that?!  I’m having such fun cutting out, arranging and stitching away with these beautiful patches.  While I stitch, I’ve been listening to The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, read by Simon Vance.


It can’t hold a candle to Great Expectations, but it’s still very entertaining and perfect to listen to while crafting.  I’ll be sure to post another picture of the quilt once I’ve finished!

Since this is turning out to be a rather random post, I’ll throw in two more random things before closing: one is that I just started The Return of the King.  I finished The Two Towers many months ago, and got distracted from finishing up the epic trilogy.  But now it’s time to finish!  Oh my goodness, I had forgotten what an amazing writer Tolkien is.  If you’ve never read The Lord of the Rings for yourself, today is the day, friend – start reading.  Random item number two: I just finished my first semester of college!  Monday begins my second (and last) semester.  Prayers would be appreciated as I finish this last sprint in my pursuit of formal education. 🙂

What about you?  What are you reading right now?  Are you working on any projects at the moment?  I’d love to hear about it!


6 thoughts on “Noah, Knitting and Nickleby

  1. Another excellent post! Especially liked your succinct but informative review of “Noah.” I’m also wondering how you kept Zoe and the family from walking all over your quilt layout. And as long as we’re being random, I think a future article on why you’re planning just one year of college would be interesting!

    • Thanks Uncle Larry! I could have gone on and on about how much I hated that movie, but I figured that y’all didn’t want to hear all that. 😀 Far better to spend more time talking about yarn and fabric. Ha ha ha! I actually had more trouble keeping little sisters from walking on it (Zoe must have been sleeping or something). Hey, that’s a good idea about a college post! I’ll have to look into that. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yeah, I don’t plan on seeing Noah (don’t really think the Bible should be put in movie form), but I thought the way you put your warning humorous. I am curious to see how Focus on the Family reviewed it.
    I want to try my first pair of socks soon. That blue yarn is particularly pretty (I bought blank yarn from Knit Picks and want to dye it). I love the map fabric and the quilt design is pretty.
    I just read Great Expectations and finished Nicholas Nickleby yesterday. I enjoyed both (finally got the point where I can enjoy Dickens, I am still amazed), but NN is my favorite of the two and I laughed out loud frequently.
    I would like to read a college post. I am about to graduate from a public university, and I wouldn’t recommend the experience. I am always curious about not-the-typical-furthering-of-education type stories. Sorry for the long comment 😛

  3. Thank you! I wasn’t planning on seeing it (our family doesn’t really do “Bible” movies), but it’s great to have a helpfully concrete review. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your finished quilt! I have a safari/elephant print Irish-chain quilt I’ve been planning for awhile…but I still need to find one coordinating print before starting. 😉

  4. I know you posted this ages ago, but I remembered the quilt when planning (a probably too complex) quilt idea and have been meaning to ask the name/source of the pattern. Did you make it up yourself or did you use a pattern; could you post a link or the name? Sorry, and thanks.

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