The Sunshine Award


Sunshine award


I’ve been tagged again!  Heidi of the lovely blog Along the Brandywine was kind enough to tag me with the Sunshine Award tag.  Thanks so much, Heidi!  I’ve had lots of fun putting this post together!

1. Do you have a favorite spring color?

Pale teal/blue is one of my favorites – like the color of some hydrangeas.


2. One of the most riveting books you’ve ever read?

Even though it is far from being my favorite book, The Hunger Games was the most intense page-turner I’ve ever read.  I literally could not put it down.


3. A favorite adventure movie?

Oh, there are so many!  But  I’d have to say that The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl is one of the best adventure movies of all time.  Such a great combination of humor, excitement, wit and romance.


4. Mexican, Italian, or French cuisine… Do you have a favorite?

I love them all!  But if I had to choose one, it would be Italian.  Pasta, baby!

5. Do you like shopping for relaxation or would you “infinitely prefer a book”? Or either?

If clothes shopping, then I would “infinitely prefer a book!”  But if it’s fabric shopping, or book shopping, then I think I could be persuaded to put the book down for a couple of hours. 🙂


6. Do you like cranberries?

Not so much plain, but in cranberry bread, they’re divine!

Cranberry Bread

7. Do you enjoy hiking and camping?

I confess that I’m not much on “roughing it.”  I do love a good hike if I’m with friends, and if I know that air conditioning awaits me afterwards.  🙂

8. Working with animals?

For the most part, yes!  I think I have to be in the right mindset to work with them, though.  I have to be mentally prepared to get hair/feathers on my clothes and be willing to smell a little stinky.


9. Do you ever name places? Inspired by favorite literary locations?

You know, I don’t think I ever have!  But my sister and I have all KINDS of literary-inspired phrases that make up a sort of code language that we like to use. 🙂  A conversation at dinner between the two of us might sound something like:

“Argh!  Poliakoff, you disgusting boy!”

“Hah!  That was so yogurt.”

“Oh my goodness.  Poor Nico.”

“Mm hmm…he’s a Gilbert.”

10. Do you enjoy dying your hands brown in garden soil? Or do you find worms unsettling?

Worms don’t bother me, actually!  Hard, lumpy grubs do, but they’re usually pretty rare in our garden.  I really enjoy getting my hands dirty in my herb garden!  It’s such fun to try/freeze produce and use it all winter long.

11. A specific instance of God’s kindness toward you in the past year.

There are so many, how can I choose just one?  Yet I suppose the one that stands out the most to me would be His provision in arranging my trip to Europe with my friends.  He worked out so many things, and provided for us in so many ways!  One of my favorite times that He provided for us was when we were in Paris trying to catch a taxi.  I was a bit nervous about how a taxi ride in a foreign country would work out, so I prayed and prayed that God would send us a good, safe person to drive us.  Suddenly a taxi pulled up, and the driver looked like a French version of J.R.R. Tolkien! 😀  He was the sweetest old man, and was patient enough to talk slowly and clearly so I could understand him.  It was my very first time to have a full-blown conversation in French in Paris, and I was so excited.  That taxi ride turned out to be the highlight of my whole time in Paris!

And as for the bloggers that I am supposed to tag, I’ve decided to tag everyone!  If you’re reading this right now, and you have a blog, and you feel so inclined, consider yourself tagged. 😀  Here are your questions:

1. What is your favorite song of all time?

2. What do you usually think about right before falling asleep?

3. What’s at the top of your bucket list?

4. Have you ever stayed up ALL night?

5. Who is your hero/heroine (fictitious or non-fictitious.) What do you find the most inspiring about this person?

6. What are five things make you extremely happy?

7. What is a movie that you love that people would probably totally not associate with your personality?

8. Favorite superhero and why?

9. What’s one strange habit you have?

10. Do you ever dance when no one’s looking?

Have fun, everyone!  Thanks again, Heidi!!

One thought on “The Sunshine Award

  1. Enjoyed reading your answers!!! 🙂 The chicken pic is sooo funny and spot on! 🙂 Also, aren’t sisters just superb and wonderful when it comes to creating “catch words” and unintelligible phraseology? It must be counted as one of the special blessings they bring to life. 😉

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