So long, farewell…

I’ve got four days left until my trip to Europe!!!

I wanted to quickly tell all of you that (aside from a few scattered pictures) you may not hear from me for a good while.  I have got some adventuring to do!  I fully intend to post a few pictures of my travels while I am in Europe, but you know how good intentions go…

I won’t be going back to work until mid-October; as I left work today, I got a delicious feeling of freedom and excitement as my vacation officially started.  Even aside from the prospect of such an incredible trip abroad, I am thrilled that the stressful stages of my trip are over and the stages of pure excitement are beginning to kick in!

The stages of planning and enjoying a trip are roughly as follows:

Stage 1: Determination to calmly and carefully plan out the logistics of the trip.


Stage 2:  Extreme frustration ensues.


Stage 3: Numbness and exhaustion after weeks of planning.


Stage 4:  “Wait – you mean that going to Europe without my family

means that I’ve got to go WITHOUT MY FAMILY?!?!?!?”


Stage 5:  Realization kicks in.  I. Am. Going. To. Europe.

Utter delight and exhilaration! 

[Note: I am currently in this stage.]


Stage 6: Go to Europe, filled with wide-eyed wonder.


Stage 7:  Three weeks of little sleep, dozens of tours, experiencing foreign cultures,

and living on adrenaline.

Let’s go again!!!



7 thoughts on “So long, farewell…

  1. 12 days for me!!! Those pictures are SO. RELATABLE. I’m definitely moving out of Stage 4, but since I’m also in the process of training siblings (and my mom!) to take over my chores while I’m gone, I’ve not left the stage completely. But I’m moving into Stage 5, no doubt about it 😉

  2. Will be praying for you as you cross the pond and go adventuring WITHOUT YOUR FAMILY! 😯 Can’t wait ’til you get back. (hug)

    Oh, Andrew Pudewa and Julia Child *made* this post, just sayin. 😉

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