Ask Away!


Inspired by my good friend Maribeth’s latest blog post, I’ve decided to hold my own blog post interview!  I have always wanted to have a bit more interaction with all of you fantastic readers, but haven’t had a good opportunity until now.  The idea of an interview sounds so much fun, and I can’t wait to get started!

Here’s how it works: if you have any question at all for me, anything you’d like to know about me, questions about books, my life experiences, history, education, movies, writing, blogging, hobbies, etc. please leave me a comment on this post.  I’ll read all of your questions, and answer them in my next post.  I don’t give out my private information (where I live, my last name, my family’s names, etc.) and as always I want to keep my blog completely clean and edifying (no objectionable questions).  But aside from that, almost anything goes!  I encourage every single one of my readers to join in.  Think hard (see above picture), be creative, and challenge me with your inquisitiveness.  I shall do my best to rise to the occasion.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Ask Away!

  1. (*rubs hands together*) Okie-dokie, here we go!!

    1) What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from having a job of your own?
    2) I see that you’re reading Harry Potter these days! Hope you don’t mind me asking what your opinion is at this point in time 🙂
    3) What is one thing you learned from the adoption process in your family? How has it changed you or molded your perspective on family life?
    4) I’m going to give you the same question you gave ME on my post (*wink*): If you could only read TEN books/series for the rest of your life, which 10 would they be?
    5) If you could pick ONE thing that you’re most excited about regarding your trip to England, what would it be?

  2. Ready, Freddie? 🙂
    ~What is your favorite time period?
    ~If you could live in a place from a book (ie. Baker Street, The Burrow, Hobbiton, etc.), where would it be?
    ~What are you most afraid of?
    ~Who are your top ten favorite literary characters and why?
    ~If you won a thousand dollars, what would you do with it?
    ~What is your favorite movie?

  3. What were some of your favorite books or book series to read as a young child?
    As an adolescent?
    As a young adult?

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