Hopewriter Blog’s First Birthday!

One year ago, I sat in bed with a horrible stomach ache and nothing to do.  I thought, "I know, I'll update my blog!"  But my old blog had somehow locked me out, making it impossible for me to write any new posts.  So I thought, "I know, I'll create a whole new blog!"  I … Continue reading Hopewriter Blog’s First Birthday!

It’s (Not That) Complicated

Note from  September 2018: I no longer agree with or recommend this book, due to many shifts in my world view. About four years ago, I prayed earnestly for God to give me a clear sign about a young man.  Was he "The One", or wasn't he?  The answer I received was not at all … Continue reading It’s (Not That) Complicated

New Camera!

In preparation for the amazing trip I'll be taking in September, I bought a new camera.  Having been through three point-and-shoots in the past few years, I decided on something a bit more sturdy.  I ended up going with a Nikon Coolpix L820, and couldn't be more happy with my choice.  I've been a picture-taking … Continue reading New Camera!