Wrist Rest, Explanations, and The Little Red Hen

Everything has its price.  Even writing.


If I had my way, I would fill every spare second with writing, sewing, typing, and embroidery.  Apparently, my wrist had other plans.  It’s been complaining a lot over the last few months, but a couple of weeks ago, it went on a full-blown strike.  (I guess that writing notes top-speed two hours a day for my Western Civilization test didn’t help matters…)  I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and was forced to rest it or risk developing a more serious, permanent problem.  Hence the 3-week gap in between this post and my last.  My wrist rest is still underway, so it may be another few weeks before I can post again.  (I’m typing this one solely with my left hand.  Needless to say it’s a tad slower than my usual typing speed.)


So I decided that – since I won’t be able to post book-related stuff for the next few weeks – I needed to end this short little post with something memorable, something literary, and something that will hold y’all over until my next post.  And I’ve found it.  I present, for your enjoyment, Benedict Cumberbatch reading aloud.  I’ve often wished that Cumberbatch would put his incredible British voice to good use doing an audio book.  As it turned out, he did put a video of himself reading on YouTube, only it wasn’t quite the story I would have expected.  His video apparently was made for a young friend/cousin/nephew/niece: he is reading the story of the Little Red Hen.  Even though it’s a children’s story, Cumberbatch’s voice is incredible; I’ve listened to the video countless times.


I realize that my posts are often of a serious, thoughtful nature.  And while that is often the tone that I am aiming for on this blog, I have to remind myself sometimes that a little lightheartedness goes a long way.  So enjoy listening to Benedict reading about the cat, the rat and the dog in my absence.  I’ll be back as soon as my wrist says I can.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Wrist Rest, Explanations, and The Little Red Hen

  1. Sorry to hear about your wrist, but substituting a YouTube video was very creative. The “Little Red Hen” story, though enjoyable, was not quite as deep as most of yours, however, so get well soon!

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