And How Does That Make You Feel?

I've been enjoying a lot of new books this year.  Some I received for Christmas, others I picked up at the library.  While I've enjoyed nearly everything I've read so far in 2013, I have noticed something that separates the good authors from the great ones.  There are dozens of things that divide the good … Continue reading And How Does That Make You Feel?

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl

For Christmas, my sister gave me a new perspective on life.  A powerful bolstering of my faith.  Resolution to questions that have been bothering me for years.  Eye surgery to see life as God intended it to be.  All of this came in a relatively small package: a 201 page paperback book written by a … Continue reading Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl

A Lovely Thing

When you gain knowledge in one area, it almost always enriches other areas of your life. Recently, I've been thoroughly enjoying Eric Metaxas's Amazing Grace.  It's a fascinating biography (and I'm not one who tends to relish biographies) about the life of William Wilberforce and his role in abolishing the slave trade in the late … Continue reading A Lovely Thing