Brain Wash

I’m half-way through to getting a college degree in English.  And while I’ve learned plenty of neat things and grown a whole lot along the way, there are times when I just get worn down with all of the junk that is in college text books.

They try to tell me that truth is arbitrary.  That there is no basis for selflessness.  That good and bad are not clear-cut.  That what used to be called “being mean” is now a mental disorder that has to be treated with therapies and psychology.  That doing what’s best for you is the most important thing in the world.  And even though I know that these are all lies, sometimes reading them over (and over and over) wears me down and makes the truth that I do know seem a little fuzzy.

That’s when it’s time to clean-house in my brain, give myself a thorough mind-washing with truth.  In between college courses, it helps me to read authors who know right from wrong, and aren’t afraid to tell you so.  Before I delve into Sociology, I’m reading a few wonderful authors who help me get my head screwed back on the right way.  The Bible is a given – reading it every day is necessary to keeping my mind and heart pure.  The Lord of the Rings is full of courage, unselfish love, responsibility, and perseverance; good triumphs over evil in the end.  Edith Schaeffer reminds me of the need for beauty, and helps me to appreciate it.  And even Sherlock Holmes’s adventures are constantly dealing with justice and showing how crime doesn’t pay.  I’m reading these authors so that by the time that Sociology rolls around, I’ll be fresh and clean again, mind at peace, armed with the truth.

Everyone’s brain needs a good washing every once in a while.

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