Sherlock and the Stars

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson go on a camping trip.  They find a beautiful spot and set up their tent.  After a full day of enjoying nature, they go into their tent and fall asleep.  Some hours later, Holmes wakes Dr. Watson and says, “Look up at the sky, Watson, and tell me what you see.”



Watson is awestruck.  After a moment, he says, “I see countless stars.”



Mr. Holmes replies, “What does that tell you?”



Watson considers for a moment and says, “It tells me that the universe is vast, and it will probably take us several lifetimes to gain even a small amount of understanding as to how it functions and what our place is in it.”



“Anything else?”



Watson thinks for a moment as says, “Based on the position of the stars, I would say it is approximately two o’clock in the morning.”



“Anything else?”



“Because the sky is so clear, we will probably have a beautiful day tomorrow.”



“Anything else?”



Frustrated, Watson says, “I can’t think of anything else.  What does it tell you?”



Holmes is silent for a moment.  Then he says, “Elementary, my dear Watson.  Someone has stolen our tent.”

2 thoughts on “Sherlock and the Stars

    • Glad you liked it! It actually wasn’t from the books – but whoever wrote it followed the style of the books SO closely. It’s from an astronomy science book!! 🙂

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