Hello everyone!  Whether you’re a new reader or a faithful follower from my first days blogging, welcome to my new blog.  After problems with my old blog which forced me to switch over to a new blog site, I’m finding that I’m enjoying the change.  I’m also more determined to update frequently!!  🙂

My blog is designed to inspire writers like myself, chronicle my own writing journeys, and discuss stories of all kinds.  Go ahead and explore!  I hope that you enjoy my new blog, discover interesting things, and get to know me a little better in the process.

6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I’m sooooo excited to get to follow you on here!! I’ll enjoy reading all about you:)
    Just as c s Lewis said about the cup of tea and long book….I can never get enough of you, my beautiful neice:)

  2. Hi, Victoria! I’m so glad we can follow your new blog and keep up with you and your writings. You are such a special young lady, and I enjoy reading about your interests and enjoying your talents. You and your family are far away from us now in miles, but not in our hearts! Much love, Aunt Dorothy

    • Thank you so much, Aunt Dorothy! That was so kind!! I’m glad that you and Uncle Larry can read this blog; it makes y’all seem closer for us to keep in touch! 🙂

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