Coconuts and Kettlebells Book Review

I've done plenty of reviews on this blog over the years, but never a cookbook review!  I'm super excited to tell y'all about possibly the single most fantastic cookbook out there - because it's so much more than just a cookbook! Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper, the authors of the Coconuts and Kettlebells cookbook and … Continue reading Coconuts and Kettlebells Book Review



2018 has not only been a great reading year so far, but a fantastic knitting year!  I've been knitting up a storm lately and am very happy to have finished several projects in the past two months!  And to make things even more enjoyable, I've had lots of fun listening to audiobooks and podcasts while … Continue reading Knitting!

How Minimalism Is Changing My Life (But I’m Not A Minimalist)

The idea of Minimalism has recently captured my full attention and changed the way I look at my life.  I always thought that Minimalism was just an interior decorating style that I wasn't particularly fond of - white walls, white floors, a single cold-looking  designer chair, an exposed light bulb instead of a fixture, maybe an … Continue reading How Minimalism Is Changing My Life (But I’m Not A Minimalist)